We recently enhanced our website to offer you more self-service options. To take advantage of these options, you will need to transfer your My PNM online profile to our new system.

Transfer your old online profile to our new system now.

Log in to our new system using your current user name and password. You won't need your PNM account number to begin transferring your online profile, but we will ask you for a couple pieces of information, including:

  • A way to identify yourself as the owner of the PNM account number(s) in your online profile.
  • A valid email address. You will be required to create a new password, and your email address will now be your user name.

Start from scratch if you can't remember your user name and/or password or if you don't have an online profile yet. Registering for a new online profile is easy.

Just click the 'Sign up' button to get started.